Project Sustainability

Project Sustainability – the successor competition to “Werkstatt N” for a sustainable society

Quality seal

Under the name Project Sustainability (formerly Werkstatt N), the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) has recognised initiatives and projects over recent years that contribute to promoting sustainable development throughout the full breadth of society. In doing so, it has established a quality seal via which projects and initiatives for sustainable development in all its diverse forms are honoured and given enhanced visibility. The award winners from 2017 can be found here.

Annual thematic focus

Newly announced is the award’s annual thematic focus area. These will take up key societal challenges that are currently of particular importance in the work of the RENN Regional Hubs for Sustainability Strategies. Via the Project Sustainability quality seal, projects are to be honoured every year which provide innovative solutions to issues in these focus areas. Submissions relating to all areas of sustainable development will continue to be accepted, however.

Regional strength

In future, the Project Sustainability competition will be carried out by the four regional hubs RENN in cooperation with the RNE and thus positioned more strongly at a regional level. As a Germany-wide network of 20 sustainability stakeholders, the RENN hubs support local and inter-state linking of a wide range of players on issues related to sustainable development. Following selection of the award-winning submissions, the four hubs intend to enter into an intensified exchange with the award recipients on the respective annual focus area. The aim is to boost awareness for the topics at a regional level, embed them and via networking to encourage further offers.

Added value of the quality seal

The Project Sustainability award is a well-established quality seal and has gained national-level visibility. It stands for innovation and effective engagement on behalf of sustainable development. The award provides access to an attractive, regional and national network, heightened public awareness as well as the opportunity to shape public discourse and gain sponsors. Winners of the award receive an exclusive invitation to the national RENN.days, for instance. In addition, funds totalling € 40,000 are distributed among the winners, with each project honoured receiving a prize of € 1,000. The winners can also use the Project Sustainability seal to communicate their success. Four projects (one project per RENN hub) that have particularly strong contributions with transformative character to make will also be recognised as national transformation projects.