Project Sustainability

Project Sustainability – the competition for a sustainable society

Quality seal

Under the name Project Sustainability (formerly Werkstatt N), until 2017 the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) recognised initiatives and projects that contribute to promoting sustainable development throughout the full breadth of society. In doing so, it established a quality seal via which projects and initiatives for sustainable development in all its diverse forms are honoured and given enhanced visibility. Since 2018 the four RENN hubs have been continuing this process, supported by the RNE as a strong partner at their side. The award winners from 2023 can be found here (only in German).

Regional strength

The respective annual focal topics take up key societal challenges that are currently of particular importance in the work of the RENN. The aim is to boost awareness for the topics at a regional level, embed them and via networking to encourage further offers.

Further information can be found here (only in German): Projekt Nachhaltigkeit (