• A pact for the future
      The United Nations has big plans for the Summit of the Future in September 2024. A Pact for the Future aims to smooth the waters between the member states and, above all, give the 2030 Agenda a boost. Now the first draft has been published and the tussle begins.
    • Heat-Map about Principal Adverse Impact Indicators (PAIs)
      DRSC/RNE pilot group "SME Reporting" presents contribution to the discussion on indicators for adverse impacts on sustainability aspects, the Principal Adverse Impact Indicators (PAI) for sustainability reporting by SMEs.
    • COP28 must continue to push global climate financing despite multiple crises!
      Members of the German Council for Sustainable Development at COP28 in Dubai
    • Ways out of the current crises
      Initial recommendations of the German Council for Sustainable Development for updating the country’s sustainable development strategy and advancing sustainability governance
    • SDG Summit: A question of money
      The world has some catching up to do, was the overwhelming takeaway from the sustainability summit in New York. So how do we get there? The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) calls for urgent reform of the international financial architecture.
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