Annual Conference of the RNE

The RNE Annual Conference is the Council's largest annual event and will take place this year on 8 October 2024 at the AXICA Congress and Conference Centre in Berlin. It brings together experts, decision-makers and stakeholders to discuss the latest developments and challenges in the field of sustainability. The conference also provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and best practices as well as for networking between stakeholders from different sectors. A wide range of topics will be discussed, including climate change, sustainable development, renewable energy and social justice. The aim of the conference is to promote dialogue and cooperation in order to shape a more sustainable future together.

23rd Annual Conference on 8 October 2024

Das Tagungszentrum Axica in Berlin - ein Gebäude mit vielen Fenstern die zu einem Innenhof zeigen, in dem es viele Glas-und Stahlkonstruktionen gibt.The 23rd Annual Conference of the RNE will take place all day on 8 October 2024 at the AXICA Congress and Conference Centre in Berlin. Details of the programme and information on registration will be published here soon (only in German).


Looking back at the 22nd Annual Conference on 10 October 2023

The 22nd Annual Conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) was held on 10 October 2023 at the AXICA Congress and Conference Centre in Berlin. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave a keynote speech in the late afternoon. The event was recorded. The video recordings of the plenary part are now available.
You can find further information here (only in German).


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