“Sustainable City” dialogue – mayors for sustainable municipal development

Since early 2010, on the invitation of the German Council for Sustainable Development, the mayors of around thirty German cities have been meeting regularly for a dialogue on strategic issues concerning the “sustainable city”.

The mayors are making a special effort toward sustainable development in their cities. They exchange information about their strategies as political decision makers, pursuing the question of how municipal sustainability policy can gain greater visibility and influence in federal-level policymaking. The RNE has facilitated this dialogue process

The following mayors are involved in the “Sustainable City” dialogue:

  • Mayor Andreas Bausewein, Erfurt
  • Mayor Andreas Brand, Friedrichshafen
  • Mayor Uli Burchardt, Konstanz
  • Mayor Michael Ebling, Mainz
  • Mayor Peter Feldmann, Frankfurt am Main
  • Mayor Peter Gaffert, Wernigerode
  • Mayor Thomas Geisel, Düsseldorf
  • Mayor Christian Geselle, Kassel
  • Mayor Dr Kurt Gribl, Augsburg
  • Mayor Wolfgang Griesert, Osnabrück
  • Mayor Klaus Herzog, Aschaffenburg
  • Mayor Martin Horn, Freiburg
  • Mayor Burkhard Jung, Leipzig
  • Mayor Matthias Knecht, Ludwigsburg
  • Mayor Thorsten Krüger, Geestland
  • Mayor Thomas Kufen, Essen
  • Mayor Markus Lewe, Münster
  • Mayor Jörg Lutz, Lörrach
  • Mayor Dr Peter Lüttmann, Rheine
  • Mayor Ulrich Mädge, Lüneburg
  • Mayor Dr Ulrich Maly, Nuremberg
  • Mayor Angelika Matt-Heidecker, Kirchheim unter Teck
  • Mayor Dr Frank Mentrup, Karlsruhe
  • Mayor Belit Onay, Hannover
  • Mayor Boris Palmer, Tübingen
  • Mayor Jochen Partsch, Darmstadt
  • Mayor Dr Daniel Rapp, Ravensburg
  • Mayor Dieter Reiter, Munich
  • Mayor Henriette Reker, Cologne
  • Mayor Elke Christina Roeder, Norderstedt
  • Mayor Ullrich Sierau, Dortmund
  • Mayor Ashok Sridharan, Bonn
  • Mayor Andreas Starke, Bamberg
  • Mayor Bernd Tischler, Bottrop
  • Mayor Dr Manfred Wilde, Delitzsch
  • Mayor Dr Eckart Würzner, Heidelberg

Policy Papers and publications


Mehr Nachhaltigkeit der Bauland- und Bodenpolitik: Beschluss vom 14. Juni 2018

Im gemeinsamen Beschlusspapier „Mehr Nachhaltigkeit der Bauland- und Bodenpolitik“ fordern 18 Oberbürgermeisterinnen und Oberbürgermeister die Ursachen des W...


Gemeinsames Positionspapier zur Aktualisierung der Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie

Mit einem gemeinsamen Positionspapier bringen sich die Oberbürgermeisterinnen und Oberbürgermeister in die Aktualisierung der Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitsstrate...


Positionspapier: Beschluss des Oberbürgermeister-Dialoges Nachhaltige Stadt vom 15.03.2017

In their policy paper the mayors provide key impulses for sustainable development and implementation of the 2030 Agenda in German municipal-level policy.

The participating mayors used as their foundation the jointly developed tenets of the “Strategic cornerstones for sustainable development in municipalities” (Strategische Eckpunkte für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung in Kommunen).

Publications & brochures

In our hands - strategic cornerstones for sutainable development in municipalities

Positions and impulses from the Mayors involved in the "Sustainable City" Dialogue; November 2019


Strategic cornerstones for sustainable development in municipalities

They orient their policymaking towards these tenets as well. The mayors have formalised their commitment in a basic framework for joint understanding of municipal development based on the four cornerstones of:

  • Public participation and public access
  • Sustainability in municipal finance
  • Sustainability as an interdisciplinary task
  • Coordination of sustainability activities between municipal, state, national, EU and global levels

The sustainable development of cities has numerous facets and relates to all areas of municipal activity. At the instigation of the mayors participating in the Sustainable City format, the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) prepared the study “Moving cities toward sustainability – how we future-proof homes, mobility and municipal finance” (Städte auf Kurs Nachhaltigkeit – Wie wir Wohnen, Mobilität und kommunale Finanzen zukunftsfähig gestalten) on behalf of the Council for Sustainable Development.

Publications & brochures

Städte auf Kurs Nachhaltigkeit - Wie wir Wohnen, Mobilität und kommunale Finanzen zukunftsfähig gestalten

Erarbeitet vom Deutschen Institut für Urbanistik auf Veranlassung der am Dialog „Nachhaltige Stadt“ beteiligten Oberbürgermeisterinnen und Oberbürgermeister

In the joint publication “Making the Energiewende a success story thanks to strong local authorities” (Mit starken Kommunen die Energiewende zur Erfolgsstory machen), the mayors present how they are addressing the “energy transition” challenge and highlight where they see urgent need for legislative action.


Making the Energiewende a success story thanks to strong local authorities

First “Sustainable City” parliamentary evening

On 20.2.2019 numerous members of the Bundestag and mayors came together in Berlin for the first “Sustainable City” parliamentary evening.

→ News, 25.02.2019 (only available in German): Blaupausen für die nachhaltige Stadt. Bericht zum parlamentarischen Abend