DIE ANSAGE: messages for New York

Please find here the 4 messages for New York formulated by “DIE ANSAGE”s audience on 17 September 2019.

On 17 September 2019, DIE ANSAGE – an interactive sustainability boot camp – took place in Berlin. The event, mutually organised by RNE and RENN, formulated a set of four messages addressed to the world leaders gathering on 24-25th September for the SDG Summit and UN General Assembly in New York.

Guided by the motto ‘from talking to acting’, participants voted in their boot camps and the plenary for the following messages to be sent to New York:

Pricing ecological and social costs into products

Adapting political decisions to scientific knowledge

Tel the truth and expect the people to do something

We need a progressive global CO2 price

Photos and videos from the event (German only) can be found here.