Open SDGclub.Berlin 2019

Dear Open SDGclub.Berlin 2019 participants,

it has been a real pleasure having you all in Berlin for this year’s Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting! There were many inspiring stories, meaningful exchanges, great initiatives and common conclusions. I assume we are all trying to sort this out for ourselves and our work back home. As promised, we will establish a meeting documentation.

For now THANK YOU!


As you know, this is a space we have created for exchange and information amongst ourselves. We will continue to upload documents and links you would wish to share.


Dear all, please find a description of the project “The blank page” presented by Susanne Brandt at the Open SDGclub.Berlin 2019 meeting.
The blank page

Susanne Salz from GIZ had presented the MSP Guide at the Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting on 9 May. Please find it here: And she also invites you to take a look at:

Sanjay Bansal from Ambosia Teagroup is unfortunately unable to join us due to a cyclone. He would like to share his input with Open SDGclub.Berlin participants.

Input Sanjay Bansal from Ambosia Teagroup

Risa from Japan would like to share the comprehensive information on her organization (JACSES)’s activities attached. Additionally, for the information about Japan CSO Network on SDGs, please refer to the following link:

JACSES: Overview of the organisation and activities

Mike from Canada sends the following message:

“It occurred to me that the following multi stakeholder policy brief might be of interest to the people in that session. It was a research brief that we just released a few weeks ago so it is hot of the press and relies on international case examples.

Then it occurred to me that this group might also benefit from the other briefs in a series of briefs we are doing… there are two available here and about seven or eight more coming out in the next two weeks.

Then if any groups are interested in Canada and the SDGs we have four quite lengthy reports that serve as shadow/spotlight reports that we release each year for the HLPF. This year we will release a new version of “Where Canada Stands”. Because it is not out yet we have a draft version regarding this year’s six goals under review…including SDG 16. Our latest report (DRAFT) is attached (not posted for the public yet). Because it is a work in progress for this year’s HLPF many people may find the content of interest.

Previous year’s reports are here:

Finally for those that are interested in sub national implementation we have a good report on this in the context of British Columbia Canada here:

The result of that is a digital map of more than 11,000 groups that are working sub nationally in Canada. This is a really really cool digital map that is hot off the presses. We just released it. Indeed, there may be a lot of people interested in how we managed to cook this map up as it lists every single group we could find using a mapping team over a period of two years and it can be filtered by goal as well as indicator. In other words if anyone wants to know what is going on in Canada on the SDGs and who is working on it we have the information. Movement Map is here:

JP from the Nigerian Coalition of Civil Society wants to share the following document and videos on their efforts towards the implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria:

Jacob from the office of the Welsh Future Generations Commissioner would like to share the following links:

Ankica from the city of Bijeljina would like to share the following documents:

  1. One-pager on our SDG activities conducted so far
  2. Picture which illustrates the Bijeljina city promotion materials based on promotion of SDGs
  3. Picture of an SDG awareness raising training session that my colleague Mile Pejčić and myself are conducting on regular basis (based on UN BiH interactive tool)
  4. A practical handbook for practicioners for localizing SDGs – supported by GIZ, issued in February 2019.

Salimata from Sightsavers Senegal would like to share this document (PowerPoint PPTX, in French – download as pdf file) presenting CONGAD group and its work on monitoring public policy and SDG in country.

Deirdre is very interested in discussing the upcoming HLPF Review process and particularly the opportunities for improving the VNR process both at national level and as part of the regional and global review processes. Please see some shared messages that Forus and some of its CSO partners have developed on this topic.

Also, on HLPF review please find Jan-Gustav’s ideas in this document.

On HLPF review please take also a look at Marianne’s recent study.

Luisa from Lisbon University wants to share two documents:

Learta from the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) wants to share some basic information about her institute as well as an overview of the Agenda 2030 implementation project they are currently undertaking with municipalities in Kosovo:

Clara from Sustainable Cities Programme wants to share the following documents:

Ingeborg from SDG Watch Europe wants to share the following study:

“Europe’s approach to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: good practices and the way forward”

Inge wants to share the following pdf that she has shown during the open space meeting on May, 8. She would also like to draw your attention to the input prepared by the EU Multi-stakeholder platform on SDG to the EU’s work on SDGs:

Richard from Uganda Civil Society Coalition wants to share the following information:


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