• COP28 must continue to push global climate financing despite multiple crises!
      Members of the German Council for Sustainable Development at COP28 in Dubai
    • Ways out of the current crises
      Initial recommendations of the German Council for Sustainable Development for updating the country’s sustainable development strategy and advancing sustainability governance
    • SDG Summit: A question of money
      The world has some catching up to do, was the overwhelming takeaway from the sustainability summit in New York. So how do we get there? The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) calls for urgent reform of the international financial architecture.
    • HLPF: The international community is still off track
      As every year, the High-Level Political Forum saw UN member states and NGOs convene in New York to discuss the lie of the land as the international community attempts to reach the global sustainability goals. We present the key topics that emerged for the forthcoming SDG Summit in the autumn.
    • RNE calls for mobilisation of global capital to hit SDGs
      Further recommendations: reforming the World Bank into a transformation bank, debt relief and reforming the special drawing rights of the IMF
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