International Peer Review 2018

The German Federal Government has mandated the Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) to facilitate the third international Peer Review on the German Sustainable Development Strategy in 2018.

The international peer group chaired by Helen Clark has met for the first time end of September 2017 and has agreed on scope and central guiding questions for the review. Topics of special interest to the peers are inter alia: Sense of urgency and science/society interface, consumption and production, digitalization, climate change policies as key trigger or leverage, future of work, financial markets, social inequality, SDGs as a business case, implications to leadership.

The international peer review group is constituted as follows:

The peer group has requested the facilitators to provide key insights into the topic while involving German stakeholders. These written contributions will feed into the further discussions amongst the peers.

In cooperation with the peers, RNE office designed a survey for stakeholders from academia, business, politics and civil society to provide diverse perspectives and information on the German sustainable development strategy.

The survey was sent to participants of the Sustainability Forum organized by the Chancellery and also accessible to everyone on the homepage of the German Council for Sustainable Development. The closing date to participate was December, the 1st, 2017. Until that point in time the German Council for Sustainable Development received 32 feedbacks from stakeholders.

The replies received for publication have been assembled in the document below. They appear by stakeholder category and then in alphabetical order. They are published as received.

Results of the Stakeholder Survey on German sustainable development strategy (PDF, 2 MB)

The international peer group will meet again in Berlin for a weeklong meeting with expert hearings, interviews of stakeholders and a number of debates with relevant actors. The international peer review report will be handed over to government during the RNE Annual Conference on June 4, 2018.

Contact person

Dr. Verónica Tomei
T +49 (0) 30 338424-124