Ulla Burchardt

Former member of the German Bundestag; freelance strategy consultant

Ulla Burchardt holds a graduate degree (Diplom) in education and is a freelance strategy consultant and lecturer in the area of political communication and public affairs. For more than two decades she was a directly elected member of the Bundestag. The focuses of her work have long been and still are clearly shaped by the structural changes she has experienced in her home region of Dortmund and the Ruhr, in particular structural change in combination with education, research and innovation. “Nothing good ever came from doing nothing.” This is the credo by which her commitment is bound, leading her to have been, among other things, a co-initiator of sustainability institutions of the Federal Government and in her role promoting the Bundestag’s world decade “Education for sustainable development”.

Ulla Burchardt is an associate of and scientific advisor to the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT) in Berlin and Chairwoman of the German Commission for UNESCO in Bonn. She was first appointed to the Council for Sustainable Development in November 2016, and her appointment was renewed in 2020.

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Photo: Andreas Weiss, © RNE

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Photo: Andreas Weiss, © RNE

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