Showcasing national and local initiatives to promote sustainability in Germany

The German Council for Sustainable Development has published its 2017 Sustainability Almanac online. The almanac highlights specific projects and initiatives implemented by local authorities, government bodies and the private sector to demonstrate where the transformation towards a more ecological and caring society is already in full swing.

Although far too often our lifestyles still have a negative impact on the lives of many people around the world, the reverse can also be true. Work at national level in Germany can also help to drive sustainable development worldwide. The almanac is divided into five sections, each covering a different theme and highlighting both the challenges involved and the social power and momentum of the processes that are leading us towards greater sustainability in Germany. Many people are actively engaged in this transformation in every area of our lives. The energy transition in Germany is just one example. Many other initiatives all across our society are tackling issues such as the future of our cities and how much and what we consume. The almanac highlights the paths and possibilities, the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development – in Germany and all over the world.

The Sustainability Almanac can be downloaded free online and is only available in digital form. Paper copies cannot be ordered.

Download the Sustainability Almanac

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German Almanac of Sustainability - Initiatives and impressions on the social reality of sustainability 2017

Collection of german best practice cases regarding sustainable initiatives and projects

Publications & brochures

Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitsalmanach - Initiativen und Eindrücke zur gesellschaftlichen Realität der Nachhaltigkeit 2017

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