Energiewende in der Hotellerie – von der politischen Vision zur lohnenden Investition

Die Hotellerie in Deutschland ist heterogen: Privat- und Kettenhotellerie stehen unterschiedlichen Herausforderungen gegenüber. Ein Ziel gilt für alle: Das Erreichen der Klimaschutzziele 2050 und damit verbunden die Gestaltung der Energiewende in Deutschland.

„We on the sustainability scene must reach those beyond the usual suspects"

As founding Secretary-General of the German Council for Sustainable Development from 2001 to 2020, Günther Bachmann advanced the topic of sustainability on all levels and in all areas of politics. He could hardly have dreamt of the changes that would be achieved – but in his opinion they are still not enough. We asked him for his personal view on the developments, successes and failures of those two decades.Read Post

Presidency of the Council of the EU: half a year to make a wholehearted commitment

Germany will soon commence its presidency of the Council of the European Union. Rarely have there been so many sustainability-related topics on the agenda – plus the opportunity to put the billions of euros earmarked for the coronavirus recovery to transformative use. Here is an overview of the most important decisions to be made and those which have been postponed.Read Post

10. Jahreskonferenz

Jahreskonferenz des Rates für Nachhaltige Entwicklung am 27.09.2010 in Berlin

11. Jahreskonferenz

Jahreskonferenz des Rates für Nachhaltige Entwicklung am 20.06.2011 in Berlin