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"To create quality of life and reduce the consumption of resources it involves requires that we take further steps in incorporating sustainability in everyday action as employees, consumers, and citizens."

Kathrin Menges, Member of the Council

Michael Vassiliadis, Member of the Council

Chairman of the industrial union of Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE)

Sustainability necessitates reason and responsibility in our social, ecological and economic actions.


Chairman of the industrial union of Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE).

Born on 13 March 1964 in Essen.

From 1983 to 1986 as Chemistry laboratory technican at the Bayer AG in Dormagen actively.

Numerous honorary functions in the industrial union chemistry paper ceramic (IGCPK) on local, land and federal level.

Since 1986 full-time work first as a secretary of the IGCPK administration office Leverkusen; starting from 1990 in the district Nordrhein-Westfalen with different responsobilities; from 1994 to 1997 director of the local unit in Leverkusen; 1997 secretary of the Board and director of the department of chairmen/human resources of the IG BCE in Hannover.

Since March 2004 member acting IG BCE board, responsibly for work councils - education - youth - confidence people/local's groups.

Supervisory board vice chairman of the K+S AG, the K+S potash GmbH and the STEAG GmbH, Essen, member of the supervisory boards of the BASF AG, Ludwigshafen, and the Henkel KGaA, Duesseldorf.

Since 1980 member of the IG BCE.

Since 1981 member of the SPD.

Since May 2007 member of the German Council for Sustainable Development

Since October 2009 Chairman of the industrial union of Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE)

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