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Sustainability first and foremost means to go beyond immediate utility and think in the long term, which requires assuming responsibility for the future.

Alois Glück, Member of the Council

Alois Gück


Alois Glück

Member of the Council

Alois Glück


24 January 1940 born in Hörzing, Oberbayern
1944 Alois Glück’s father dies in France
1957 Take-over of the leadership of the parents‘ agricultural business
Attendance of an agricultural school
1964 – 1971 Secretary of the catholic youth movement of the Land Bayern, during that time he joins further education through seminars in education of youth and adults and in journalism
1966 – 1970 Freelancer at „Bayrischer Rundfunk“ and at other radio stations, with the focus on development in rural areas. Since then journalistic activity
1970 Elected into the Landtag of the state of Bayern
1970 – 2008 Member of the Landtag Bayern
1970 – 1974 Focus on social politics, especially in handicapped aid
1972 – 1988 Commitment in environmental politics, numerous publications concerning topics of environmental protection, especially for the protection of the alpes region and for the connection of agricultural and environmental politics
1974 – 1986 Chairman of the parlamentary committee for rural development and environmental questions
Since the 1980s Strong commitment on sociopolitical development and on questions about the future. Especially concerning the catholic social science, development of sociopolitical concepts like „Aktive Bürgergesellschaft“ and „Solidarische Leistungsgesellschaft“
1986 – 1988 State secretary in the Ministry of rural development and environmental questions
1988 – 2003 Chairman of the CSU in the Landtag of Bayern
Between <br />1994 and 2009 Different leading roles in the CSU (chairman of the district Oberbayern, member of the executive board, chairman of the CSU policy committee until autumn 2009)
2003 - 2008 President of the Landtag

Honorary commitment

Nov. 2009 - Nov. 2015 President of the main committee of the German Catholics
Deputy chairman of the Hanns-Seidel foundation
Initiator and chairman of the network “Hospiz im Heimatlandkreis” (a.o. commitment to a conncetion of honorary staff and palliative medicine – with the aim of a Bavaria-wide offer
Since Jul. 2011 Member of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE)


  • Das Grundstück der 60 Millionen, 1970
  • Abstieg oder Aufbruch, 1996
  • Verantwortung übernehmen, 2000
  • Warum wir uns ändern müssen. Wege in eine zukunftsfähige Kultur, 2010
  • Mitautor mehrerer Bücher zu gesellschaftspolitischen Fragen und Zukunftsfragen


Numerous articles about policy questions in politics and about the social development, especially about the meaning of christian values, of religion and of christian social science for the topics of today’s life.

Alois Glück is married and has two children.

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