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"To create quality of life and reduce the consumption of resources it involves requires that we take further steps in incorporating sustainability in everyday action as employees, consumers, and citizens."

Kathrin Menges, Member of the Council


The Councils delivers policy recommendations addressing key issues of sustainability. Recommendations cover both content and process aspects, nationally and in a global perspective. More

On this page you will find all statements by the German Council for Sustainable Development. More

The German Council for Sustainable Development has initiated a few studies in its occupation with various questions. The studies are used as the basis for discussion within the Council but are also to inform the interested public about the topics concerned. Up to now, the following studies have been drawn up on behalf of the Council: More

Contributions of Council members and the Secretary General of the Council More

Here you can find statements on European Sustainability Policies. The Council for Sustainable Development produced these statements within the network of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC). They are directed to different actors. More

You can download the brochures of the Council for Sustainable Development as PDF files here or use the online form on this page to order brochures at the Council's main office free of charge. More

On this page you will find external contributions, recommendations and statements concerning sustainability. More


Annual Conference 2015

Sign up now for the 15th Annual Conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development, 3 June 2015 in Berlin - Opens internal link in current window

German Sustainability Code

The Sustainability Code - Opens website www.sustainabilitycode.org in new window


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