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National SDGs Implementation in Germany and Europe

Günther Bachmann - Diplomatic Academy “Augusto Ramírez Ocampo” Colombia, Bogotá


RNE Rules of procedure 2020

Rules of procedure of the German Council for Sustainable Development as of 17 January 2020

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In our hands - strategic cornerstones for sutainable development in municipalities

Positions and impulses from the Mayors involved in the "Sustainable City" Dialogue; November 2019

Speeches & cause for thought

The Role of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE)

Günther Bachmann - Think piece for "Friends of Governance on Sustainable Development", edited by Felix Dodds, Berlin

Speeches & cause for thought

Sustainable finance, reporting and their role in achieving the SDGs

Yvonne Zwick, Deputy Secretary-General RNE - Contribution to the ESDN Conference 2019, Helsinki - Introduction into the Key Themes Session

Recommendations & statements

The Federal Government’s sustainable finance strategy must break new ground

Recommendation of the Council for Sustainable Development; Berlin, 15 October 2019

Speeches & cause for thought

Günther Bachmann: The business of business is mutual cooperation for sustainable development

This article was published in "GAiA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society", S1/2019

Publications & brochures

Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting 2019 - Sustainability practitioners calling for action

07 – 09 May 2019, RNE Documentation


Open SDGclub.Berlin 2019: Appel à l’action

Les participants ont réitéré l'importance du document de l'Agenda 2030 et ont lancé un appel urgent en faveur d'une intensification des efforts de mise en œu...