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"Sustainability necessitates reason and responsibility in our social, ecological and economic actions."

Michael Vassiliadis, Member of the Council

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On 23 March, 85 young “visionaries” from across Germany met in Berlin to begin their search for answers to the question: “How do we want to live in 2050?” The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) had invited the participants – all of whom had been nominated by sustainability experts from the political, business and scientific communities – to present and discuss their personal visions during a three-day workshop and also to develop a common vision of what a future society should look like. The workshop began with a debate involving the “visionaries” – the majority of whom under the age of 25 – Council member, Max Schön, and an experienced political practitioner, former Federal Minister / Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Franz Müntefering.

"Intergenerational Dialogue in Practice – Citizens Initiate Sustainability" is a contribution to the national sustainability strategy made by the Federal Government which jointly sponsors the competition along with the German Council for Sustainable Development. By staging this competition, the Federal Government and the German Council for Sustainable Development seek to honour and support the many forms of voluntary civil involvement.

Fotoausstellung PassageN (2006)

„Die Kunst, das Morgen zu denken“ war das Motto der 6. Jahreskonferenz des Rates für Nachhaltige Entwicklung am 26. September 2006. Die am Konferenztag in Berlin erstmals gezeigte Ausstellung PassageN zeigt Porträts von Kunstschaffenden aller Genres, die sich in ihrem Werk mit dem Leitbild Nachhaltigkeit auseinandersetzen. Ihre Aktionen, Objekte, Skulpturen, ihre Musik, Dramaturgie oder auch Architektur spiegeln die unterschiedlichen Facetten der Auseinandersetzung wieder.

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