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Avoiding past mistakes means pointing progress in the right direction: the principle of sustainable development is a good compass for technical and social innovations at local, national and global level.

Ulla Burchardt, Member of the Council

Ulla Burchardt


Ulla Burchardt

Former Member of the German Bundestag; freelance strategy consultant

Ulla Burchardt

Ulla Burchardt has a university degree in education and is currently a freelance strategy consultant and lecturer for communications management. For more than twenty years, she was a directly elected Member of the German Bundestag (parliament). Motivated by the structural changes in her home city of Dortmund and the metropolitan Ruhr region, her priorities were – and still are – sustainable development and education as well as research and innovation. 'Nothing good happens unless you do it' – in keeping with her professional motto, she co-founded the German Government's sustainability institutions and was responsible for promoting the German Government's efforts as part of the ‘UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development'.

Ulla Burchardt is deputy chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Technical University of Berlin and shareholder and Member of the Advisory Council of the Berlin-based IZT (Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment). Ms Burchardt chairs the Science Committee of the German Commission for UNESCO in Bonn. In November 2016 she became a Member of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Curriculum Vitae

22 April 1954  Born in Dortmund, two daughters, one grand-son

1972 – 1976  Studied education, psychology and social sciences, graduating as a 'Diplompädagogin' (Master’s Degree in Education)

1976 – 1990  Professionally employed in the field of youth and adult education

1990 – 2013  Member of the German Bundestag (inter alia, between 1992 –94 / 1995-98 Member and SPD Speaker of the parliamentary select committee 'Protection of People and the Environment' (Sustainability Select Committee); from 2005 - 2013 chairperson of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment

Since 2013  Lecturer, inter alia, at the TU Dortmund and the BSP Business School Berlin as well as strategy consultant for private and public institutions

Panel and Association Membership

Deputy chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, TU Berlin

Shareholder and Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment (IZT), Berlin

Chair of the Science Committee, German Commission for UNESCO, Bonn

Member of the Board of Trustees and Management Board of the Friederich-Ebert Foundation

Specialist advisor, RuhrFutur, Mercator Foundation, Essen

Member of the Dortmund Education Commission

Member of the German Council for Sustainability

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