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"Measuring sustainability is a key success factor to establish environment, social, and governance (ESG) issues in companies and on capital markets."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bassen, Member of the Council

“Sustainable City” dialogue

Mayors for sustainable development in municipalities

© Photo: University town Tübingen, Climate day in Tübingen

Since early 2010, on the invitation of the German Council for Sustainable Development, the Lord Mayors of twenty German cities have been meeting regularly for a dialogue on strategic issues concerning the “Sustainable City”. The Lord Mayors are making a special effort toward sustainable development in their cities and pursuing their goal in a unique way. They exchange information about their strategies as political decision makers, pursuing the question of how municipal sustainability policy can enhance its profile and influence at the federal level as well. The results of their work so far have been documented in the “Strategic cornerstones for sustainable development in municipalities” (PDF, 3149 KB), published in October 2010, as well as in the June 2011 publication “Städte für eine zukunftsfähige Entwicklung” (Cities for sustainable development) (PDF, 2755 KB), which was drafted in conjunction with the German Institute for Urban Studies (DIFU). Their most recent publication, “Making the Energiewende a success story thanks to strong local authorities” (PDF, 3097 KB), was released in June 2013. The Council for Sustainable Development enables and facilitates the process.

Drafted by the following Lord Mayors as part of the "Sustainable City" dialogue:

Andreas Bausewein, Erfurt
Andreas Brand, Friedrichshafen
Uli Burchardt, Constance
Peter Feldmann, Frankfurt am Main
Peter Gaffert, Wernigerode
Thomas Geisel, Düsseldorf
Dr. Kurt Gribl, Augsburg
Wolfgang Griesert, Osnabrück
Hans-Joachim Grote, Norderstedt
Bertram Hilgen, Kassel
Burkhard Jung, Leipzig
Dr. Angelika Kordfelder, Rheine
Michael Korwisi, Bad Homburg
Thomas Kufen, Essen
Markus Lewe, Münster
Jörg Lutz, Lörrach
Dr. Peter Lüttmann, Rheine
Ulrich Mädge, Lüneburg
Dr. Ulrich Maly, Nuremberg
Dr. Frank Mentrup, Karlsruhe
Jürgen Nimptsch, Bonn
Boris Palmer, Tübingen
Jochen Partsch, Darmstadt
Reinhard Paß, Essen
Dr. Daniel Rapp, Ravensburg
Dieter Reiter, Munich
Jürgen Roters, Cologne
Dr. Dieter Salomon, Freiburg
Stefan Schostok, Hannover
Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, former Lord Mayor of the city of Stuttgart and member of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE)
Werner Spec, Ludwigsburg
Bernd Tischler, Bottrop
Dr. Jens Triebel, Suhl
Dr. Manfred Wilde, Delitzsch
Dr. Eckart Würzner, Heidelberg

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