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"Education is the basis for establishing sustainability as the guiding principle behind our activities, as are more action partnerships and practical examples at the local, regional and international level."

Walter Hirche, Member of the Council

Council film project "Into the heart of the future - on the way to sustainability"

What do we eat, by what means do we move about, how do we spend our spare time? – Quite simple observations speak volumes about sustainability in our private day-to-day life.


A national film competition, which the Sustainability Council initiated, was to sharpen sensibility both with young people and with senior citizens for the treatment nature and energy and for our own mobility and recreation behaviour.

How do we behave in day-to-day life? What has changed? Which values are important? Young people and senor citizens told each other about their own behaviour and, from this, created a short film, produced by a total of five mixed groups of young and old. The film contributions are supposed to present the living environment of the other age-group and show which expectations and potential the topic sustainability has for them. A core piece of the project is the depiction of the dialogue between the generations: how will protagonists overcome their differences on the basis of age? Which forms of co-operation do they enter into? Where do conflicts arise, which different ideas? The short films created are integrated in a 45-minute documentary film on the topic sustainability which is to be distributed throughout Germany on VHS and DVD, and also shown in TV.


Annual Conference 2016

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The Sustainability Code

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